Hospital Galenia

The Refreshing Power of Stem Cell Therapy

Ease, safety, quality of care … and sandy shores. Celltex operates within the standards and procedures of COFEPRIS, Mexico’s FDA equivalent, and is the only company authorized to distribute mesenchymal stem cells for therapeutic use in Mexico.

International Accreditation

Committed to Patient Safety & Care

After banking your stem cells and preparing them for therapeutic use, Celltex coordinates therapy with Hospital Galenia, a top certified hospital in Cancun, where Celltex clients receive safe, expert care from a licensed physician.

Hospital Galenia’s International accreditation reflects its commitment to patient safety and quality of care. Hospital Galenia has received accreditation from the Accreditation Canada International, Joint Commision International, and the Consejo De Salubridad General.


Hospital Galenia Experience

As a privately owned, state-of-the-art hospital, Hospital Galenia’s independent, highly qualified licensed physicians make it possible for clients to receive their own MSCs for therapeutic purposes.

Hospital Galenia is staffed by highly qualified, specialized doctors and nurses who provide top-notch care and service. The modern facility presents an advanced medical infrastructure with highly trained physicians in the field of regenerative medicine.

Is Cancun Safe?

Hospital & Hotel Zone Safety

Celltex’s Client Services Coordinators help facilitate travel arrangements every step of the way to ensure you have a safe, smooth and enjoyable trip to Cancun. Hospital Galenia and all Celltex-recommended hotels are located within Cancun’s Hotel Zone, which is known for robust safety and security measures.

A recent article from the Washington Post states: “The State Department travel advisory for Mexico does not include any tourist or beach areas and reaffirms that all major tourist destinations in Mexico are safe.”

Travel Information

Custom Travel Arrangements

Our team will assist with:

  • Scheduling therapy dates
  • Booking airline tickets
  • Providing hotel recommendations – many hotels are located next to Hospital Galenia
  • Arranging door-to-door transportation throughout your stay in Cancun, including to and from the airport, hotel, hospital and anywhere else you’d like to go during your stay.
  • Accompanying you to and from the hospital and answering any questions along the way

Day of therapy schedule

  • Enjoy a room service breakfast of your choice
  • Meet with Client Service coordinator and driver to head to Hospital Galenia
  • Check in with doctor, answer any final questions
  • Therapy – details on what clients do during therapy (i.e., read, play on iPad, rest, etc)
  • pre-arranged transportation will return you to the hotel
  • Most clients can immediately resume normal daily activities
  • Soak up the sun and sandy shores at Cancun beaches!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Here are a few of the questions people frequently ask about Celltex stem cell banking and therapy.
If you don't see your question here, view our full list.

    • Why should someone bank his or her stem cells?

      While you may not have a condition that requires immediate treatment with stem cells, it’s smart to plan for the future. As you age, illness and the natural processes of aging can reduce the number of stem cells available. While older cells can still be viable and useful, generally, the younger you are when you bank, the more efficient, active and mobile your cells are.

    • How often do I need to receive therapy?

      This is dependent on individual conditions. Your Client Service
      Coordinator and your doctors will work with you to determine the best
      timeline for your individual therapy schedule.

    • Are my cells eligible to be used for therapy?

      The earlier you bank your MSCs, the more efficient, active and mobile
      they are to use in case of future emergency, illness, injury or accidents.
      Banking your MSCs now provides the opportunity to utilize your younger,
      healthy cells later in life.

            • Where do stem cells come from?

              There are stem cells in practically every tissue of your body, but not all stem cells are the same. At Celltex, we focus exclusively on a type of stem cell called mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs can be found in practically every tissue of your body and are most readily taken from bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, placenta and fat. You can learn more about stem cells on our Stem Cells 101 page.

            • Is stem cell therapy safe?

              Dozens of clinical trials conducted by researchers in more than a dozen nations have demonstrated the safety of using MSCs and, in particular, those obtained from fat, and hundreds of preclinical animal studies have confirmed the same findings. You can learn more on our Stem Cells 101 page.