How It Works

Celltex is America’s leading adult stem cell bank. We specialize in banking one’s own mesenchymal stem cells, often called MSCs, for therapeutic use. Celltex’s proprietary stem cell processing and banking methods ensure the genetic integrity and uniformity of an individual’s cells in quantities never before possible and in the quantities necessary for therapeutic applications. An individual can then use his or her banked stem cells for regenerative therapy through infusions or injections performed by a licensed physician in Cancun.

Celltex is different from other stem cell banking companies as we can produce hundreds of millions of uniform stem cells at a genetic level as well as the physiological characteristics of the cells themselves.

Take control of your health in just 7 steps

At Celltex Therapeutics, our mission is to help our clients live longer and healthier lives through the power of stem cell therapy. Celltex makes the process simple, from first contact to your therapy. Let us walk you through each step and show you just how easy the process is.


We want you to enter into therapy with confidence. That’s why our representatives are always available to answer any questions you have.

Prior to enrolling, clients are encouraged to contact Celltex’s Client Services department to discuss their individual needs and learn about the various therapy options.


Because every person’s condition and results are different, your individualized therapy program will be customized to your needs.

Client Services can facilitate a consultation with one of our medical professionals to recommend the required stem cell dosage and location of infusion.


Thereafter, you can begin the process to bank your stem cells by either enrolling on our website or over the phone. The cost for enrollment is $6,500 and includes your qualifying blood tests, the fat extraction to obtain your stem cells, as well as the processing fees and storage of your cells for one year.

After the first year, the annual fee for storing your stem cells is $150 per year.

Visit the Pricing & Enrollment page to find out more about Celltex stem cell banking pricing and the enrollment process.


The extraction process is a simple and, for most, it is a virtually painless procedure that takes place in a doctor’s office. You may select your own plastic surgeon or an experienced physician from our network of fat extraction centers across the country.

A small amount of fat tissue is extracted from your body in just about 30 minutes. This is usually a one-time procedure and your bank of cells is enough to last your lifetime.

Visit the Extraction & Culturing page to find out more about the extraction process and the culturing of cells at our Houston lab facility.



As soon as your stem cells are banked, you will be notified by the client services department to schedule your therapy.

Your therapy will take place at a state-of-the-art hospital in Cancun, Mexico. Special arrangements will be made to transport your cells directly to the hospital for your therapy.

Celltex representatives can recommend flights and hotel accommodations and will arrange your transportation to and from the airport, hotel and hospital while you are in Cancun.

Visit the Travel Information page to find out more about the Mexico travel process.


Upon arriving at the hospital, a Celltex representative will accompany you while you are admitted and will be there to assist you throughout your therapy. A physician will walk you through the procedure and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Following therapy, your pre-arranged transportation will take you back to your hotel. Depending on your therapy, most clients are able to resume their normal day-to-day activities after therapy.

Visit the Therapy Information page to find out more about our stem cell therapy services.


Because every condition is different, every client’s schedule will be different, but no matter what your individual therapy requires or how many sessions you need, we’ll be by your side every step of the way.