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Celltex partners with physicians to offer a safe, responsible clinical care plan for stem cell therapy. We culture mesenchymal stem cells derived from one’s own stem cells for therapeutic use. This unique ability provides physicians the potential to help treat chronic conditions and more.

A Proven Alternative For Patients

An Opportunity for Their Physicians

Celltex serves thousands of clients and partners with hundreds of physicians nationwide through the Celltex Physicians Network. By joining this network, you can give your patients a better quality of life, with the ability to treat a variety of chronic conditions, while still being their primary care physician.

While results vary, up to 80% of MS, Parkinson’s and arthritis clients have reported improvement in one or more symptom areas.

Five Reasons

Why Join the Celltex Network?

Work with the only company in North America that’s expanding stem cells for commercial use, and in quantities never before possible.

Support new, cutting-edge research with Celltex by providing proven results.

Join an exclusive group of the nation’s best physicians who collaborate and share ideas, research, knowledge and some of the most exciting advances in modern medicine.

Provide your patients access to stem cell therapy performed by certified and licensed physicians at Hospital Galenia in Cancun, Mexico.

Be a part of the future of medicine by becoming an adipose tissue extraction partner, performing the procedures in your own office.

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We invite you to join this exciting new science and potentially give your patients a proven answer to their chronic conditions. You can join or learn more about the Celltex Physicians Network by completing the form below.

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