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There are stem cells in practically every tissue of your body, but not all stem cells are the same. Explore the differences below, and learn about the benefits of utilizing your own Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs).

Stem Cells 101

What Are Stem Cells?

A stem cell is defined as a cell that can transform or differentiate into a particular cell type, like a skin cell or muscle cell, but there are different stem cells that we can find in various tissue sources that possess different characteristics.

At Celltex, we focus exclusively on a type of stem cell called MSCs. MSCs can be found in practically every tissue of your body and are most readily taken from bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, placenta and fat.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Multipotent & Multipurpose

MSCs are multipotent, which means they can produce more than one type of specialized cell of the body. They are readily found in the body and can give rise to many different cell types, including bone, cartilage, muscle, nerves, fat and pancreatic beta cells, along with other types of cells.

Other than the ability of MSCs to become numerous different cell types, they also have the ability to:

  • Fight inflammation
  • Prevent cell death
  • Form new blood vessels
  • Direct the immune system, using other repair cell types to aid in healing
  • Self-regenerate

MSCs From Fat Tissue

Where do the stem cells come from?

To look for the best possible source for MSCs, we conducted a lot of research into ease of retrieving cells and ensuring high stem cell volumes. When comparing different sources, we found that fat tissue consistently had high quantities of MSCs.

For example, in bone marrow, MSCs constituted just 0.0001%-0.01% of all bone marrow nucleated cells. Fat tissue typically contains 100,000 MSCs in each gram of fat, and they are less affected by one’s age compared to other sources.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

How can stem cells be used?

MSC therapy can improve quality of life for those dealing with a wide range of conditions, including but not limited to degenerative conditions, autoimmune disorders, neurological conditions, vascular diseases and general wellness.

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Stem Cell Safety

Is stem cell therapy safe?

No method of providing adult stem cells has received more rigorous clinical safety studies than the technology used by Celltex. Dozens of clinical trials conducted by researchers in more than a dozen nations have demonstrated the safety of using MSCs and, in particular, those obtained from fat, and hundreds of preclinical animal studies have confirmed the same findings.

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