Bring the Benefits of Stem Cell Banking to the People You Love

Celltex is now offering you the opportunity to extend the benefits of stem cell banking to your family members through its family banking discount. Once you’ve signed up, any additional family members can receive the family banking package, valued at $6,500 for 20% off ($5,200). This special offer provides family members with the security that their own mesenchymal stem cells will be safely banked for future therapeutic use. The family banking package has no expiration date and includes qualifying lab … read more

Adult Stem Cell Banking Improves Quality of Life

Local Recipients Show Marked Improvement After Stem Cell Treatments HOUSTON (February  18, 2015) — For most people, the new year is a time for reflection, planning and goal-setting, a time when everyone strives to figure out what will make them happier and healthier, but  people  rarely hear how those resolutions turn out. For three Houstonians suffering from three separate debilitating diseases, 2015 is starting with a marked improvement in health and quality of life thanks to help from Celltex Therapeutics … read more

UM study explores how stem cells can help burn victims

University of Miami doctors are conducting stem cell clinical trials in order to change the way burn victims are treated, including military personnel inured in the line of duty. The trial, funded by the Department of Defense, could revolutionize burn care for those in need of reconstructive skin graft surgery, especially soldiers.  Burn victims from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan account for 5 to 20 percent of combat injuries. Participants in the trial will come from The University of … read more

Rotary Club of Oklahoma City invites Celltex to address members

As part of Celltex Therapeutic Corporation’s continued efforts in educating the public about the potential of stem cell therapy, Celltex Chief Medical Officer Dr. Stanley C. Jones and Vice President of Business Development Madison Mauze addressed members of the Memorial-Spring Branch Rotary Club on January 23 at the Racquet Club. Members of the group received an overview of Celltex Therapeutics Corporation and the company’s proprietary technology that makes it possible to bank hundreds of millions of one’s own adult stem … read more

Celltex Participates in Annual Anti-Aging Conference

Houston-based biotechnology company Celltex Therapeutics Corporation took part in the 22nd Annual World Congress on Anti- Aging Medicine in Las Vegas on December 10 – 14, 2014. The conference allowed practitioners from all specialties to gain the latest information on the world of anti-aging from over 70 world-renowned speakers, who delivered relevant, clinical and data-supported presentations over the course of the three-day conference. Representatives from Celltex took part in the 22nd Annual World Congress on Anti- Aging Medicine, educating attendees … read more

John Wade appointed to Celltex Board of Directors

Celltex Therapeutics Corporation has named John Wade, Senior and Managing Partner of Wade & Company, LLP, to its Board of Directors, effective November 11, 2014. Wade brings more than 43 years of experience in public accounting and currently serves as the primary accountant and finance counsel for Celltex Therapeutics Corporation. Throughout his career, Wade has provided solutions to a wide variety of tax problems and counseled private and public companies regarding general business and tax planning matters. His tax practice … read more

Steering stem cell trafficking into pancreas reverses type 1 diabetes

Researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a Harvard-affiliated hospital, have been studying mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and have reportedly uncovered a way to enhance and prolong the cells’ therapeutic efforts in type 1 diabetes.  While studying a preclinical trial of diabetic-prone mice, Harvard Medical School Professor Robert Sackstein and a team of researchers found that the intravenous administration of MSCs stifled pancreatic injuries by reducing the levels of sugar in the bloodstream of those mice without the need of insulin … read more

Stem Cell in Eye May Help Restore Vision Following Cornea Injury, Infection

A recent study posted in Science Transitional Medicine suggests that mesenchymal stem cells from a patient’s own eye may one day replace corneal transplants. Dr. Sayan Basu and his team of doctors in India have been studying mesenchymal corneal stem cells for over a decade and have found that these cells can regenerate wounded corneal cells in mice far more effectively than the limbus stem cells that have already been through a clinical trial.  Researchers found that after 50,000 stem … read more

Celltex Offers Stem Cell Holiday Banking Gift Certificate

Twenty percent off regular-priced banking fee Celltex is offering existing clients the opportunity to provide a gift of a lifetime to your family members this holiday season: a holiday banking gift certificate. This gift, deemed invaluable by many, provides family members with the security that their own mesenchymal stem cells will be safely banked for future therapeutic use. The banking package, priced at $5,200, is a timeless gift with no expiration date that includes a banking agreement for 20 percent … read more

$1.04 million grant from U.S. Army

Lipin Tang, a UT Arlington bioengineering professor aims to regenerate cartilage tissue and reduce osteoarthritis using a patient’s own stem cells (the same types of cells that Celltex uses in our technology) through the injection of microscaffolding. Tang, who is using a $1.04 million grant from the United States Army is focusing his research primarily on soldiers who were severely injured in battle and who now suffer from Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis. Posttraumatic Osteoarthritis often occurs in soldiers who suffered broken bones … read more