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Since opening our doors in 2011, Celltex has banked over 202 billion MSCs for more than 1,800 clients. We have cultured over 1.45 trillion autologous adipose MSCs, more than any other lab in the world. We’re incredibly grateful to be part of each of your journey’s and to see those cells put to good use.

For those who have trusted and referred Celltex to friends and family, we thank you for your ongoing support. Our mission to improve quality of life for all is made possible by your efforts to help spread the word. We’ve seen incredible transformations and everyday improvements in our client’s lives, and we continue to make strides in regulatory approvals to make stem cell therapy more accessible and affordable to all.

To get involved in our efforts to make stem cells more accessible and affordable for all, please join us in our 2021 giving campaign, Cells for a Cause.

Through December 17th

Cells for a Cause

Because of the misinformation and the ever-developing discoveries on the possibilities of regenerative medicine, the biggest hurdle in stem cell banking and therapy lies in continuing to conduct research and educate the public on the benefits of using stem cells.

Through December 17th, 20% of all sales for banking and therapy orders will go to the Institute for Stem Cell Research & Education (ISCRE), an organization that focuses on the research and education for regenerative medicine to improve quality of life for those in need of medical help beyond conventional medicine. ISCRE also helps to provide funding and access to therapy for those in need. Your contribution can help other individuals suffering a poor quality of life, while also helping to improve your own.

Help to further the possibilities and awareness of stem cells by placing an order or giving a donation to ISCRE today.

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Making Banking More Affordable

Foundation Banking for Less

Celltex now has over 1,800 individuals who have trusted their cells to Celltex.

And thanks to our growing number of bankers, we are lowering the cost for initial bank creation, now called Foundation banking, from $6,500 to $4,500.

We want to make it easier for people to get started with their Celltex bank, as it’s so important to bank your cells now, before you age another day.

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New from Celltex

SafeGuard Banking

We have developed new technology to allow for culturing and cryopreserving a therapy-ready dose of your cells now, in case of future emergency or injury where immediate use of your own Celltex stem cells can make all the difference.

Those prone to stroke, heart attacks, injuries, and severe inflammation flare-ups can benefit from having a bank of their cells ready and available for use.

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This Holiday Season

Give the Gift of Quality of Life

Give the most unique gift this year: the gift of wellness and quality of life.

Order a gift certificate for banking or therapy for a loved one and a portion of the sale will go toward Cells for a Cause.

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Upcoming Celltex Webinar

Your Guide to a Healthy 2022

Many New Year’s resolutions involve maintaining a healthy lifestyle. While you set out to achieve your exercise goals or nutrition plans, we invite you to use your own cells to help you do so. The stem cells in your body have regenerative capabilities that help keep you well over time. Using those cells before the new year can help you start your goals off right. On Wednesday, December 8th at 11:00 am CT, we will be hosting a free webinar all about using your own stem cells to maintain wellness going into the new year.

Register to join live or view on-demand access and learn how you can jumpstart a healthy 2022.

For those who have already banked their stem cells, there is limited availability for therapy appointments before the end of the year. Schedule an appointment now to be ready for the new year.

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