Thank Your for Your Loyalty

Between now and the end of November, we are giving a select group of Celltex clients the opportunity to receive a $5,000 credit on their next stem cell order for referring friends or family members to Celltex. 


When your contact enrolls in banking, there will be a benefit for both you and your loved one:

You Receive

A credit of $5,000 on your next stem cell order when your contact enrolls.*

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Your Loved One Receives

The $4,500 Friends & Family Banking Enrollment rate when enrolling through your referral. They must mention your name during enrollment for this offer to apply.

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If you’re interested in the above offers, follow the below steps to refer your friends and family members.


*Your contact must enroll in Stem Cell Banking with Celltex before 11/30/2023 to be eligible for this offer. A minimum order of 200M is required for the credit to apply.


Follow These Steps to Make a Referral

  1. Share this link with someone who may benefit from stem cell banking or therapy: https://celltexbank.com/referral-program-contact/
  2. Have your contact submit the online form.
  3. Remind your contact to mention your name when submitting the form.


If your contact enrolls with Celltex before the end of November, a $5,000 credit will be applied to your next stem cell order.