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Systemic lupus erythematosus, also known as SLE or lupus, is a chronic autoimmune disease that fluctuates between periods of symptom flares and remissions. Learn about how Celltex is helping to improve the quality of life of individuals suffering from lupus by using their own stem cells.

Condition Overview

What Is Lupus Disease?

Once affected, one’s immune system cannot recognize healthy tissue from foreign invaders, like the flu. Therefore, the body creates autoantibodies that attack and destroy healthy tissue. This may cause swelling, discomfort and overall harm to the body. Although its origins are not clear, combinations of hormones, genes and environmental factors might impact the severity of symptoms. Lupus is often called “The Great Imitator” because all symptoms are apparent in many other diseases.

One suffering from lupus might experience extreme fatigue, headaches, swelling, fever, hair loss, pain from deep breaths, facial rashes, sun sensitivity, abnormal blood clotting, ulcers and weak circulation. Nine out of 10 cases are found in females, most commonly during childbearing years. Researchers believe approximately five million people are living with lupus today.

Stem Cell Therapy Research

How Can Celltex Stem Cell Therapy Help?

Multiple preclinical and clinical studies using stem cell therapy for lupus have been performed or are ongoing. The effectiveness of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in models of lupus has been variable. In some studies, levels or pro-inflammatory cytokines were reduced with increased numbers of regulatory T-cells, anti-DNA antibodies were reduced, and kidney function was improved. However, in certain studies (allogeneic mouse model), MSCs have not improved the disease.

In non-randomized non-placebo controlled clinical studies, a substantial number of patients went into remission following MSC infusion, and many relapsed several months later. Thus, more work is required to understand the mechanism of action, which will be useful in defining how to maximize the therapeutic benefit and appropriate dosing regimen.

Transplantation of MSCs in humans for a variety of conditions has been generally well tolerated, although results have been variable as a function of delivery route, and the variability in potency of cells between donors, tissue sources and culture conditions has been well documented.

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