Client Testimonials & Reviews

Since opening our doors in 2011, we have seen Multiple Sclerosis patients, patients with Parkinson’s, and those with debilitating systemic arthritis regain their lives. Every patient has their own incredible story to tell after therapy, and with the support of our staff and our partners, we will continue to work diligently until everyone has access to the incredible promise of stem cell therapy.

View the Celltex client testimonials & reviews below, and click through to read their full stories and hear them talk about their experiences with stem cell therapy.

Testimonial – Meet Robert Potts

I was driving to an afternoon dental appointment in 2011, when all of a sudden, I started feeling strange. My body began to tingle, I felt nauseous and my vision started closing in to a narrow tunnel. I had not eaten that day and associated these strange feelings to hunger. The next thing I knew, I woke up inside of a totaled vehicle, very unsure of what had just happened.

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Testimonial – Meet Braden Heckendorn

In December 2013, our son Braden Heckendorn, who was seven years old at the time, was involved in a life-changing accident. A few weeks before the Christmas holiday, Braden was accidentally shot in the heart with a pellet gun. Almost immediately, Braden’s body went into cardiac arrest and he was without a heartbeat for nearly 22 minutes, causing traumatic brain injury due to lack of oxygen. As a result of his injury, Braden suffered a stroke which impaired his walking, his ability to speak and his overall well-being.

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Autoimmune Disease Testimonial – Meet Bob Lilly

I spent the better part of my life playing an extremely physical sport – football – and up until recently I was not able to do everyday tasks such as comb my hair or even dress myself due to the immense pain I was experiencing. Four years ago I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, polymyalgia rheumatica.

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Cognitive Impairment Testimonial: Lee Roy Jordan

Lee Roy Jordan is a former All-American football linebacker. After attending the University of Alabama, he played 14 years in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys. In 1983, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

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Joint Pain Client Testimonial: Meet Jackie

A lifetime of playing sports and coaching collegiate football had taken a toll on Jackie Sherrill. Multiple surgeries on his knees, shoulder and neck left Jackie feeling wary about facing the long recovery process of yet another rotator cuff surgery and a double-knee replacement. That’s when he called Celltex Therapeutics. Today, after adult stem cell therapy, Jackie is enjoying full range of motion in his shoulder and no knee pain. Meet Coach Sherrill to hear more of his story here.

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General Wellness Client Testimonial: Meet Mike

After seeing a friend’s vitality improve dramatically after stem cell therapy through Celltex Therapeutics, Mike decided to schedule an infusion of his own adult stem cells to see firsthand how his mind and body could benefit.

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Knee Pain Client Testimonial: Meet Dan

After two knee surgeries and a meniscus removal, Dan Bellow was facing debilitating pain when his doctor suggested Celltex stem cell therapy to regenerate the cartilage in his knee. Eighteen months later, after having one therapy session, Dan is pain-free, playing golf and hunting on his ranch again. Meet Dan and find out how stem cell therapy improved his quality of life.

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Review from Stefanie

Read a letter from Stefanie Cowley updating Celltex on her progress after receiving stem cell therapy.

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Juvenile Arthritis Testimonial: Meet Sarah

23-year-old Sarah was born with systemic idiopathic juvenile arthritis, causing her to develop dysautonomia and a variety of severe autoimmune-related disorders with no known cure. Sarah’s doctors predicted she would die prematurely in her early 20’s. After seeing her friend with juvenile arthritis, Tucker Beau, begin to show significant improvements from Celltex stem cell therapy, Sarah decided to give it a try.

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Juvenile Arthritis Testimonial: Meet Tucker Beau

When their two-year-old son was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Todd and Linsey Hyatt of Pearland, TX said, “Little kids don’t get arthritis; this has to be wrong.” But it wasn’t wrong.

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Chronic Pain Client Testimonial: Meet Paige

Since 2012, 45-year-old Paige Kinkade has suffered from chronic neck and shoulder pain. Despite seeing several doctors and trying multiple treatments, nothing brought relief.

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Review from Robert

Read a letter from Robert L. Lilly updating Celltex on his progress after receiving stem cell therapy.

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Multiple Sclerosis Client Testimonial: Meet Debbie

In 2001, Debbie Bertrand started having numbness in her hands and feet. She also experienced difficulty walking, saying that “it felt like my legs were iron.”

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Review from Gary

Read a letter from Gary Rosen updating Celltex on his progress after receiving stem cell therapy.

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Joint Pain Testimonial: Meet Joyce

Joyce Tucker knows what it’s like to live with severe joint pain. Facing knee replacement surgery and seeking a better quality of life, Joyce turned to Celltex Therapeutics. After Celltex adult stem cell therapy, Joyce said good-bye to knee braces and orthopedic shoes and can now wear any shoe in her closet. Meet Joyce and find out how she is living pain-free.

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Parkinson’s Client Testimonial: Meet William

Five years ago, 77-year-old William Carl was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. As time progressed, he developed uncontrollable shaking in his hands, knees, back and feet.

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Testimonial of Helen Streaker

At age 81, Helen Streaker is astounding family and friends with her newfound energy and zest for life after having adult stem cell therapy through Houston-based Celltex Therapeutics Corporation.

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Review from Lindsey

Read a letter from Lindsey Roberson updating Celltex on her progress after receiving stem cell therapy.

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Arthritis Client Testimonial: Meet Stan

Dr. Stanley Jones is a practicing Orthopedic Spine Surgeon doing over 20 cases per week. He developed severe rheumatoid arthritis five years ago.

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