Parkinson’s Disease and Celltex Stem Cell Therapy

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system, begins with the gradual loss of dopamine-producing cells from a region of the brain called the substantia nigra. There is no known cause for the loss of these cells.

Without adequate dopamine – a chemical that helps the brain regulate muscle movement – muscles do not work properly. This condition worsens as the disease progresses and dopamine loss increases.

The distinctive symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are movement related and include shakiness, rigidity, unsteadiness, slowness of movement, and problems with walking. In later stages of the disease, brain function is also affected, which can lead to depression and even dementia.

How can Celltex stem cell therapy help?

For many people with Parkinson’s disease, even with use of conventional treatments, the symptoms continue to worsen over time.

Celltex Therapeutics is committed to helping people with Parkinson’s disease get relief from their symptoms and more control over their lives.

In a clinical study asking patients with Parkinson’s disease to report on the effectiveness of their stem cell therapy:

  • 77% reported that 1 or more symptoms had improved
  • Among patients reporting symptom improvement:
    • 19% stated their symptoms improved immediately
    • 38% noticed improvement after a month or more
    • 53% reported improvement after their therapy that continued to the time when they took the survey – a year or more
    • 74% saw improvement in energy – an especially common symptom
  • Among patients who received more than one therapy session and whose symptoms improved:
    • 33% said the improvement was getting better every time