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Read a review from Lindsey Roberson updating Celltex on her progress after receiving stem cell therapy.

January 7, 2015

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Eller, Dr. Stanley Jones and everyone at Celltex,

I cannot begin to thank you enough for enabling me to be treated with stem cell therapy. This year has been a roller coaster ride going from doctor to doctor trying to get a diagnosis and treatment plan for my fatigue and inflammation in my body that seemed to be caused by various autoimmune diseases.

My autoimmune issues began when I found out I had Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease in November of 2013. Shortly after, it was discovered that one of my kidneys was swollen and that I had infiltrates caused by inflammation in both of my lungs. Additionally, with further testing on my lipids, a high amount of inflammation was also found in my heart. Thankfully, I had my fat extracted in June as it was clear that stem cells would be needed to help with my lungs if nothing else.

Then came probably the worst day of my life at the end of September 2014 when it became clear that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. I broke down crying and called my Dad that day in so much pain I didn’t know how I could stand it. I was trying to work at my computer and couldn’t even use my mouse and certainly couldn’t type on my keyboard. With three very young children, it was all I could do to get through the day doing only the tasks that were absolutely necessary. My hands felt like they were broken and I couldn’t even button my kids pants or open their water bottles. My hands, wrists, knees, feet, shoulders and neck were extremely painful to move and my eyes were so red and swollen it looked like I had been punched in the face. When I set out for my first treatment in Cancun on October 29th, it was difficult to walk from one terminal to the next in the airport and that was when I was taking 16 mg of prednisone and Arava for RA.  Thankfully, that was the last day I ever had to take the horrible drug, Arava that made me so sick that I lost 3 pounds in 2 days. Immediately after getting stem cells, I could feel the difference in how I felt and began working toward reducing the amount of steroids I was taking. At Thanksgiving, I was able to have a seat war on the trampoline with my daughter and was thrilled to be able to do 36 seat drops. This was a really big deal considering where I had been just a month before. By Christmas, I was only taking 4 mg of prednisone and am currently down to 2 mg and eager to be completely off of it.

Aside from how much better I feel, my lab work backs it up. My Rheumatoid factor went from 95 in October to 50 in November and my Sedimentation Rate went from 20 to 2!  Additionally, I recently had a follow up CT of my lungs and the radiologist indicated that they are markedly better than they were in August. I can only imagine that all of this is all thanks to stem cells.

Being only 36 when diagnosed, there is no telling what the rest of my life would have looked like without the miracle of stem cells. There are no words to describe how thankful I am for stem cells and you all allowing me to get them.  Stem cells really have given me my life back and for that my kids, husband and I are all so grateful.

With sincere gratitude,

Lindsey Roberson

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Celltex Therapeutics Corporation is a Houston-based biotechnology company founded in 2011 by David Eller and Dr. Stanley Jones, an internationally-recognized spine surgeon, to initiate breakthroughs in regenerative medicine through adult stem cells. Eller is a graduate of Texas A&M University, who served two terms as Chairman of the Board of Regents and also served as Chancellor of The Texas A&M University System for a short period. It was at Texas A&M University that his passion for bioscience took flight, leading him to establish the Institute of Biosciences and Technology during his six year term on the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents.

Celltex uses proprietary technology to isolate, multiply and store autologous, adult (one’s own) mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to be used for regenerative therapy in a number of conditions including vascular, autoimmune and degenerative diseases, which is why Sarah was a great candidate for stem cell therapy.

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