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Read a review from Gary Rosen updating Celltex on his progress after receiving stem cell therapy.

Mona and Emilye,

I am writing to let you know of our recent experience with Celltex, in Cancun, Gallenia Hospital, and those involved.  We felt our experience was excellent, and we were well looked after, it was very professional, but friendly, and relaxed.  Dr. Anna, Dr. Serrano, Dr. Robles, and Dr. A, (the microbiologist), Karen Robles, Miguel, (our nurse), Johanna (another nurse, and Alberto (our driver)), were great. Karen Robles’ professionalism and communication are outstanding, and she is so personable.

Everyone really took the time to explain (which is so important), answer any and all questions we asked, and we discussed other topics in the health care, and the regenerative medicine field.  So now we’ll wait, and see how it goes.

The pre-treatment process also went very well, blood tests, fat/adipose tissue sampling, and Dr. Jones’ appointments. It all has to be first rate, and was for us.  Then the follow up is going to be the next important factor.

So, as we reviewed other stem cell companies, and what they do, and how they operate, we wonder how Celltex can continue to become one of the leaders in the field.  Certainly, the process as described above is key.

We do have friends in the Boulder area going to another Stem Cell company, but I assure you their process is not like what we had, from what I hear.

We are happy to help out, if you should ever want to present in the Boulder/Denver/Front Range area. Feel free to share any part of this letter, with anyone, as you see appropriate, and we’ll keep in touch. Thanks for your assistance with our therapy.

Gary Rosen

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About Celltex

Celltex Therapeutics Corporation is a Houston-based biotechnology company founded in 2011 by David Eller and Dr. Stanley Jones, an internationally-recognized spine surgeon, to initiate breakthroughs in regenerative medicine through adult stem cells. Eller is a graduate of Texas A&M University, who served two terms as Chairman of the Board of Regents and also served as Chancellor of The Texas A&M University System for a short period. It was at Texas A&M University that his passion for bioscience took flight, leading him to establish the Institute of Biosciences and Technology during his six year term on the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents.

Celltex uses proprietary technology to isolate, multiply and store autologous, adult (one’s own) mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to be used for regenerative therapy in a number of conditions including vascular, autoimmune and degenerative diseases, which is why Sarah was a great candidate for stem cell therapy.

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