Therapy Information

Pre-Therapy Evaluation

Approximately ten weeks from the date of your extraction, millions of your stem cells will be banked and ready for use. That waiting period is the perfect time for you to schedule a simple pre-therapy evaluation. This quick visit with a health provider (either a physician with whom you have an existing relationship or a physician in the Celltex Network) will establish a baseline prior to your therapy. The pre-therapy evaluation will be used to determine your therapy needs.


You will be greeted at the hospital by a Celltex representative and registered for your therapy. A physician will thoroughly explain your procedure(s) and will answer any questions you may have. A Celltex representative will also be available to assist you at any time during your therapy. You will receive your stem cells in one of two ways – intravenously or via local injection. The cost of one mesenchymal stem cell therapy starts at around $4,000 and can range up to $13,000, depending on the therapy recommended. After therapy is completed, most patients can resume their normal activities.

Post-Therapy Follow Up

Because every condition is different, every client’s schedule will be different, but no matter what your individual therapy requires or how many sessions you need, we will be by your side, monitoring your progress every step of the way. We will work with the physician who conducted your pre-therapy evaluation to schedule you for follow-up assessments to track your progress.

Client Testimonials

Every client has their own incredible story to tell after therapy, and with the support of our staff and our partners, we will continue to work diligently until everyone has access to the incredible promise of stem cell therapy. Visit our Client Testimonials to read full stories and hear some of our stem cell recipients talk about their experiences with stem cell therapy.

For more information on stem cell therapy, visit the Therapy Services page to learn more.