Extraction & Culturing

Extraction is an extremely simple, virtually painless outpatient procedure. The physician will extract a small amount of fat tissue from your body. This procedure can be done in about 30 minutes – and remember, the costs were already paid at enrollment. Your fat sample will then be transferred to our Houston lab facility, where your stem cells will be isolated and cultured to provide high quantities of cells to be banked and used as needed for therapy.

It will then take about five weeks to process, test and bank your stem cells, and another three weeks to culture your stem cells for therapy. Blood screening is required before a fat extraction can take place. It will determine whether you are eligible for stem cell banking. Banking is not possible if your test results indicate the presence of HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or Syphilis.

Next, our unique technology comes in. We isolate the stem cells from your fat tissue and culture them. We use our proprietary and safe process to keep your cells healthy. Our process ensures the integrity and uniformity of your cells in quantities never before possible and in the quantities needed for therapeutic applications.