Celltex Recognizes September as Chronic Pain Awareness Month

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September 24, 2015 – In 2001, the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA) deemed September “Pain Awareness Month” in order to educate the general public about chronic pain and its debilitating effects on those who suffer from pain. The ACPA also hopes to shed light on current pain management options and to make America’s appointed leaders aware of the urgent need for funding and research for more effective treatment options. The United States spends an estimated annual cost of nearly $600 billion dollars a year on pain treatment, which is more than the U.S. spends on cancer, heart disease or diabetes. Despite the spending, nearly 100 million Americans still live with pain on a regular basis.

Celltex client, Paige Kinkaide (middle) with her daughters.  Photo courtesy of Fort Bend Star

Celltex client, Paige Kinkaide (middle) with her daughters.
Photo courtesy of Fort Bend Star

In 2010, the National Institute of Health along with the Institute of Medicine released a Congressionally mandated report on the United States’ inability to effectively treat pain. The report focused on many different areas of pain and also defined a new type of pain patient: a high-impact chronic pain patient, which is a person who experiences pain to such a large degree that they cannot function or work due to their situation. The report also highlighted the lack of access to efficient treatment and addressed the nation’s issue with prescription pain drug abuse due to ineffective treatments.

While the United States has been slow to find effective options for pain management, Houston-based biotechnology company, Celltex, is using its proprietary stem cell culturing and banking technology to effectively improve the quality of life for those suffering from injuries or vascular, degenerative and autoimmune diseases, all of which can lead to debilitating pain. Through its technology, Celltex is able to isolate, culture and store hundreds of millions of a person’s own adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for use in regenerative therapy.

The process for obtaining a patient’s MSCs begins with a small thumb-sized extraction of abdominal fat. The MSCs are isolated from the fat, cultured and stored cryogenically for future use.  An individual can use his or her banked stem cells for regenerative therapy through infusions or injections performed by licensed physicians at Hospital Galenia in Cancun.

After receiving her own stem cells from Celltex, Texas native, Paige Kinkade, is sharing her adult stem cell story. Since 2012, Kinkaide had suffered from severe chronic neck and shoulder pain, despite being a healthy person. Over the course of her suffering, Kinkaide saw several doctors and tried numerous treatment options, including surgery, but nothing provided her with relief. Tired of being out of work and on pain medications, Kinkaide reached out to Celltex.

In June 2014, nearly two years after her battle with chronic pain began, Kinkaide received her first infusion of her own adult stem cells. Shortly after receiving millions of her own stem cells, she noticed a vast improvement in her pain. Kinkaide’s pain had subsided to the point that she was able to discontinue taking her daily narcotics and eventually she was able to return to work. Not only did Kinkaide’s pain become manageable, but she also felt re-energized after her stem cell therapies.

“Bodies are meant to heal themselves and stem cells should be available as preventative and maintenance medicine,” says Kinkaide.

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