Unsurpassed Technology

Technology at the Frontier of Medicine

Although stem cells have been extensively researched and used safely and successfully for more than 50 years, widespread therapeutic use of stem cells outside of academic research institutions remains at the frontier of medicine.  Celltex is focused on making it easy for individuals to bank their stem cells for potential future use.  Much like banking your money for use in the future, banking your adult stem cells provides peace of mind should you need them quickly when you least expect it.

Celltex’s patented process of separating, multiplying and storing adipose (fat-tissue)-derived adult stem cells is based on the world-leading proprietary cell processing technology. This is the leading edge of biosafety applied to regenerative medicine.  Celltex has exclusively licensed this technology for its use in North America.  We consider this technology to be the best adult mesenchymal stem cell banking technology in the world and are proud to be the only company to have this technology available in the United States.

Celltex Technology Platform

Celltex’s state-of-the-art platform technology involves four key elements:

Separation & Passaged Culture Technology

Cells must first be isolated and separated from the fat tissue. Celltex’s process uses fat tissue as its primary source because of the consistency of the cells in each sample. (Find out more about why we use fat.) Our process involves the careful separation of just the Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) from a very small fat tissue sample – small enough to be minimally invasive for any donor. The newly separated MSCs undergo our Passaged Culture process that can multiply exponentially the separated cells into millions and millions of identical copies.

Banking Technology

After the cells have been separated and cultured, it is imperative that cells can be safely preserved for future use. Celltex’s patented and proprietary banking technology ensures the best conditions for short and long-term storage of stem cells so that they can be used in the future.

Delivery Development

Various disease indications are being investigated with research partners around the globe. We are doing what we can to understand the mechanism of how stem cells work to treat diseases and how best to deliver cells to patients.

Quality Control Process

Celltex has a quality assurance and control process that is unsurpassed. We use the best technologies to ensure that cells are being processed properly and that the released cells meet all of our quality standards.