Adult Stem Cell Banking Improves Quality of Life

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Local Recipients Show Marked Improvement After Stem Cell Treatments

HOUSTON (February  18, 2015) — For most people, the new year is a time for reflection, planning and goal-setting, a time when everyone strives to figure out what will make them happier and healthier, but  people  rarely hear how those resolutions turn out. For three Houstonians suffering from three separate debilitating diseases, 2015 is starting with a marked improvement in health and quality of life thanks to help from Celltex Therapeutics Corporation, a Houston-based biotechnology company that initiates breakthroughs in regenerative medicine.

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“At Celltex, we use a proprietary technology to isolate, multiply and store one’s own adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to be used in therapeutic stem cell therapy,” says Celltex Chairman and CEO David Eller. “We focus solely on MSCs because they are readily found in the body and can transform into many different cell types, such as bone, cartilage, muscle, nerve and fat. And because of our cryopreservation process, we can store an individual’s stem cells for use years down the road to treat unexpected health issues.”

Since its founding in 2011, Celltex has helped many clients suffering from a variety of maladies find relief from their painful symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Meet Debbie Bertrand, Tucker Beau Hyatt and Paige Kinkade– three Houston-area residents who sought stem cell banking and therapy and have now seen vast improvements in their health.

Debbie Bertrand

Diagnosed in 2001 with Multiple Sclerosis, Debbie Bertrand sought stem cell therapy treatment in 2011 and 2012, using Celltex as her stem cell processing and banking facility. Very shortly after treatment, she noticed her energy and strength had  increased drastically, but what she found most exciting was that she was no longer wheelchair-bound. “Now I can walk with a walker and even type with both hands. Stem cell therapy didn’t cure my MS, but it improved my quality of life,” says Bertrand. To hear her share her story, click here.

Tucker Beau Hyatt

Tucker Beau Hyatt has had juvenile arthritis since he was two years old, growing up with unbearable pain in his hands, feet, knees and elbows. Linsey and Todd Hyatt, his parents,  were determined to find a treatment option that would relieve their son of the pain he endured every day, and in 2014 they discovered Celltex and knew they had to give stem cell therapy a try. Following therapy, the Hyatt family and his doctor noticed vast improvements in Tucker Beau’s appetite and his body. He is eating again and is able to run and play, as every active six-year-old deserves. “His body has responded so well to the therapy that his doctor is weaning him off his arthritis medications,” says Linsey Hyatt. Listen to Tucker Beau tell his story here.

Paige Kinkade

Beginning in 2012, Paige Kinkade suffered chronic neck and shoulder pain. Conventional treatments were not working, and she was feeling discouraged about ever finding relief until she learned about Celltex and stem cell therapy in 2014. Kinkade scheduled her first and second treatments in the summer of 2014 and returned for a third treatment in September 2014. “For the first time in 22 months, I woke up without pain,” says Kinkade. Stem cell therapy drastically improved her quality of life, allowing her to “get back to being me.” Kinkade is an advocate for stem cell therapy and shares her experience with as many people as she can, telling them, “I think this is going to change the world, and I am really excited about how much further this will go.” Click here to listen to Paige’s story.

Not everyone interested in adult stem cell therapy has a condition that requires immediate treatment. Some forward-looking individuals would like to have a large reserve of their own stem cells available for use in the future.

“We don’t get homeowners insurance because we know a pipe will burst or a fire will start, nor do we open a savings account because we know when and why we will need that money – we invest in those things so that we feel secure knowing we are prepared for the unpredictability that is life. Stem cell banking should be looked at in the same way, as an investment in your future,” says Eller.

The younger a person is when they bank their cells, the more efficient, active and mobile the cells are. As people age, illness and the natural processes of aging reduce the number of stem cells available to regenerate organs, muscles and bone – and in particular, there are fewer adult cells that have the collective power to assist in healing many different kinds of cells. While Celltex can grow an individual’s stem cells no matter their age, there are significant advantages to banking sooner rather than later.

“There are numerous benefits to banking your stem cells now, whether it’s because of a current condition, such as an autoimmune or degenerative disease, or so that your cells are available in case of an emergency, illness, injury, or accident in the future,” says Eller.“It provides the opportunity to multiply and utilize your younger, healthy cells at a later point in life when you and your physician determine it would be beneficial.”

Celltex makes it easy for individuals to take that first step toward improving their quality of life. Here is how to get started:

  • First, discuss stem cell banking with a trusted physician. Celltex encourages all clients to talk with their healthcare provider(s) about any health-related decisions.
  • When ready to move forward, contact Client Services for enrollment materials.
  • Once enrolled, clients will  take a blood test for banking eligibility (individuals must test negative for Hepatitis B & C, HIV and Syphilis among other prerequisite testing).
  • If qualified, a Celltex client coordinator works with all clients to schedule an appointment for a physician to review their test results and determine if they are eligible for a fat extraction, from which the stem cells are then isolated. If so, he or she will extract five to 10 milliliters of fat tissue from the abdomen area. This simple, virtually pain free, outpatient procedure should take no more than one hour.
  • Once the fat extraction is complete, it is sent to a Celltex laboratory where the MSCs are processed and banked. Currently, Celltex only releases cells to authorized treatment facilities in Cancun and Guadalajara, Mexico.
  • Cost of enrollment will total $6,500 – this includes qualifying blood tests, extraction, processing, and cell storage for one year.

People invest in their home, their car and their financial security, and now, with Celltex’s stem cell banking process, they can invest in their health. Aging is inevitable and accidents and injuries are a constant possibility, but individuals can take steps today that will help them prepare for the healthcare needs of their future.

To learn more about Celltex, the banking process and what stem cell therapies are available, please visit or call 713-590-1000 to speak to a Celltex representative.

About Celltex

Celltex Therapeutics Corporation is a Houston-based biotechnology company founded in 2011 by David Eller and internationally-recognized spine surgeon Dr. Stanley Jones to initiate breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, specifically in the autologous (ones’ own) stem cell field, to effectively improve the quality of life for those suffering from injuries or vascular, autoimmune and degenerative diseases. Celltex is leading the United States into the future of regenerative medicine with its proprietary technology that precisely separates, multiplies and stores individuals’ own adult, adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for use in stem cell therapy. Stem cells are taken directly from an individual’s fat in a simple procedure performed by a licensed U.S. physician. The cells are then sent to a Celltex laboratory where they are processed, multiplied to therapeutic levels (hundreds of millions) and banked. When the patient is in need of their own stem cells, Celltex releases the cells to independently-licensed physicians in approved facilities in Cancun and Guadalajara, Mexico who administer the safe and effective stem cell therapy in a state-of-the-art facility. Celltex is committed to expanding the use of adult stem cell therapy for all and is currently working with leading American academic institutions on several clinical trials that will help secure the future of regenerative medicine here in the United States. For more information about Celltex Therapeutics Corporation, please visit

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